Can Removing the Romance Be the Key To Making Your Marriage Last?


Spouses in our culture are expected to be best friends, lovers, co-parents, financial partners and social companions.

Regardless of the details, much of the hurt and pain couples experience is a result of feeling disappointed, rejected, isolated and unloved by their mate. When the feelings of disappointment or rejection go on long enough, the love and intimate connection dies off. Without intervention, it eventually gets to the point where the damage can’t be repaired.

This is often when couples divorce and families are divided into two households.

Rather than split up, however, what would happen if couples removed the romantic aspect of the relationship and focused exclusively on raising the kids together? It’s called a Parenting Marriage and you’d be surprised to know how many couples are actually practicing this.

By simply being co-parents and financial partners together, many couples find it easier to agree and get along.

Does a Parenting Marriage sound interesting? Or, are you practicing a Parenting Marriage by default and want to know how to design better agreements?