An Affair Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Marriage


Melissa*, the mother of 6 kids under 15 years old, was devastated when she learned that her husband, Jon*, had had a tryst.

Of course, it didn’t help that he’d messed around with her brother’s wife (her sister-in-law and best friend).

This single act was like an Atomic bomb going off in the middle of the entire family. Nothing would ever be the same. Nothing.

Although Jon was remorseful, Melissa felt like she couldn’t let him off the hook that easily.   She was angry, hurt, sad and scared.  She kicked Jon out for a day but quickly realized that it would be impossible to run the household and get all the kids taken care of without him.

Although Melissa let Jon back home, she made it clear that she was probably going to ask for a divorce. The mere thought of this sent her into a tailspin of deep depression. There were no good choices. She was facing having to choose between a rock and a hard place.

That is, until she found out about the Parenting Marriage concept.

Suddenly, there was another option on the table. Rather than having to choose solely between staying (being angry and untrusting, or trying desperately to put it all behind her quickly—which she knew she couldn’t), or leaving (which would create a whole new set of challenges), there was another viable alternative.  Melissa described this new concept like a “pause” button.  And, she said, it gave her room to breathe and a renewed sense of dignity. She added that, for the first time since her world exploded, she felt like she was on an upward trajectory and she felt better right away.

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