It’s OK to Stay for the Kids


If you are one of the many thousands who are unhappily married and you really don’t want to get divorced because you have children, here’s something you should know: There’s another option worth looking into and this one may be one that can help you stay “for the kids,” but have a separate life too. It’s called a Parenting Marriage and it’s all about staying married to raise kids together.

Terminating the family unit when the love is gone can be likened to selling your house after an earthquake puts a crack in the foundation. You can do away with the problem and start over in a different place, or you can reconstruct.

A ParentingMarriage takes away the parts of the relationship that no longer work (most often this is the sexual aspect, but it could be social and financial aspects as well), and keeps the parts that are working and builds on those.

Want to know more? Check out my 3-Part Series on How to Create Your Own Parenting Marriage or contact me directly .

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